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Research Question

Research Goal(s) Sep 28th, 2018

Below is an outline of the research direction this project will pursue. This is a big set of problems, and can't be solved in one independent-study. I'd like to get as far as possible with this problem over my remaining undergraduate years, spinning an Honor's Thesis out of it.
Goals: Build a natural language to symbolic language interpreter with the following capabilities:
Given a domain, current state, and a natural language player request, can translate that request into symbolic actions, objects, and predicates.
The translated symbols should make sense, be reasonable, and have some support for influencing (i.e. search within a genre)
The translated symbols can then be incorporated into the domain and state, for a narrative planner to work with as appropriate. (Incorporation may even involve modifying existing symbols, or previous states in a plan.)
I.e. if the domain is blocks world and user input is "drop block A off the table,"…